HOMEMetal Seals

Metal Seals

Metal Seals for Plastic Strapping

Our rust resistant metal seals for plastic strapping is manufactured from the finest raw materials. They contain the maximum joint efficiency available on the market. The table below outlines standard packaging and carton quantities on all our stock item strapping seals. Bulk orders (shipped in drums) and custom packaging strapping seals are also available.

Open Seals

Open seals are the most popular seal used with polypropylene strapping, containing lighter gauges of polyester strapping. Galvanized metal seals slide easily over strapping, can be applied to the strapping after tensioning, and accelerates the strapping application

Closed Seals (Push-type Seals)

Push-type seals possess an overlapping design that must be threaded before applying tension with the strapping tensioner.

Serrated Seals (Gripper-type Seals)

Serrated seals are specially designed to be serrated inside the seal for easy gripping and smooth polyester strapping. They can also be used with smooth or embossed polypropylene strapping.

Product Code Strapping Width Type Amount per Carton Shipping Weight
QSL-3/8 3/8″ Open 2500 20
QSL-1/2-1M 1/2″ Open 1000 10
QSL-1/2-2M 1/2″ Open 2000 20
QSL-1/2-5M 1/2″ Open 5000 50
QSL-5/8 5/8″ Open 2500 30
QSL-3/4 3/4″ Open 1000 20
CLS-1/2 1/2″ Closed (Push-type) 1000 11
CLS-5/8 5/8″ Closed (Push-type) 1000 15
QSR-1/2 1/2″ Serrated (Gripper-type) 1000 15
QSR-5/8 5/8″ Serrated (Gripper-type) 1000 21