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Stretch Film

Pac N’ Wrap has been a stretch film and machine supplier since 1994. Our experienced staff can help you identify the most cost effective stretch wrap packaging to suit your needs. We guarantee the highest quality stretch wrap and machinery in the packaging industry and offer expedient, same-day shipping services.

Machine Film

Our machine stretch film is made of superior resin and can be used with a wide variety of stretch wrapping machines. Machine wrapping will increase load retention, while providing greater damage and puncture resistance during transit.

Machine film is available in the following sizes and gauges: 20″ 30″ – from as low as 40 gauge through 150 gauge.

Hand Film

Hand Stretch Film is ideal for quickly wrapping a load without the added expense of stretch equipment. Hand wrap film is perfect for wrapping boxes, bundling small items, and pallet wrapping. It is highly durable and will protect your load from dirt, moisture, water, and other damages caused by the outside environment.

Cast Stretch Film

  • High clarity provides easy viewing of information printed on products such as labels and bar codes.
  • Quiet in comparison to blown films and significantly reduces excess warehouse noise.
  • Clings for added stability.

Blown Machine Stretch Film

Blown film provides added load-holding strength and is both puncture and tear resistant, possessing aggressive cling attributes which strongly bond layers together. This film is perfect for holding heavy and unstable B and C Loads because of its added strength and ensures 15%-25% decrease in amount used.

  • Extraordinary load-holding ability
  • Puncture and tear resistance
  • Stronger cling
  • Reduced film usage
  • High puncture and tear resistance, including sharp corners
  • Ideal irregularly shaped pallets

Airflow – Netting – Breathable Wrap

Ventilated Stretch Film

Ideal for palletizing products that need ventilation, our pallet netting allows for quicker cooling and drying of your palletized goods and is easy to apply, like normal stretch film.

Available in:

  • Hand film and machine film in lengths
  • Various gauges
  • A range of pre-stretch capabilities


  • Allows for faster cooling / drying / freezing
  • Maintains constant temperature
  • Avoids overheating of goods
  • Reduces internal condensation
  • Provides excellent load containment
  • Exceptional ventilation properties
  • Superior holding force
  • Ideal for hot or cold palletized products
  • Has no freeze breaking point
  • 100% recyclable

Color Stretch Film

Color Stretch Film is ideal for warehouse color coding, identifying shipments, or providing tamper-proof evidence. Colored stretch wrap maintains organization by preventing unwanted reloading and cross-docking. Our puncture resistant color stretch wrap can be manufactured from cast and blown for machine and hand in all sizes and gauges.

  • Quick load identification
  • Improved organization
  • Inventory dating
  • Tamper evident

UVI -Ultra Violet Inhibitor

UVI provides protection from the elements for any long-term, outside storage you may have. These products work best for inhibiting the free radicals that tend to form during the photo-oxidation process and thus hindering the breakdown of polyolefin. Our UVI stretch films reduce the damage caused by ultra-violet rays while maintaining strength and load holding integrity during prolonged outdoor exposure.

  • Allows for long-term outside storage
  • Protects products from sun rays
  • Pre-stretched stretch film

Pre-stretched film is stretched close to its ultimate breaking point prior to being wound onto rolls for final use. This means the film doesn’t require as much stretching energy as a standard stretch film to achieve the same wrapping force, rendering it a popular choice for hand wrapping. In fact, with pre-stretched wrap, hand applications can create the same load stability as machine applications.

Most hand-held stretch films need to be stretched at least 100 to 150 percent to make the film stiff enough to effectively hold a shifting load. In reality, operators rarely stretch film more than 50 percent during the wrap process. A nationwide evaluation of hand wrapping in real-life situations found that the average person stretches hand wrap less than 15%.

Manufacturers create pre-stretched film by elongating it mechanically between 2 film carriage rollers. Since the surface of the secondary (larger) roller rotates faster than the primary roller, the film gets pulled between them and stretches. The resulting rolls are generally light and easy to handle, reducing operator fatigue. Since there is very little torque involved, users also benefit by being able to use a walk-forward wrapping technique, which can help prevent slip and fall incidents.


  • Cost: Pre-stretched film consumption can cost less than half of traditional stretch film.
  • No Edge Damage: Pre-stretched film has rolled edges and air blown into the roll to support the middle of the roll from telescoping down. These two processes together make it almost impossible to damage the roll edge when dropping it. Traditional stretch film rolls are often discarded due to being dropped and edge damages.
  • Easier to Apply: Lower torque requirements allow users to walk forward instead of backward during application, making for safer and easier control. Also, little or no stretching is required, making it easier to wrap with less physical strength. At half the thickness, the roll is lighter (about 2/3 less than traditional film), simpler to manage, and double the strength.
  • Film Memory: Since the film is applied to the load with little force, it will naturally tighten after application. This unique film memory and its tendency to tighten after application is the single most important reason for pre-stretching film.
  • Stretch Consistency: Traditional stretch film does not provide uniform stretch, rendering its performance as unpredictable and leading to intermittent load failures. Pre-stretched film performance is much more controllable.

Other Benefits:

  • No width reduction during tensioning reduces the number of film wraps required and improves productivity.
  • Excellent film cling ensures that film tails stay in place.
  • Strong film clarity allows easier inspection of packaged products.
  • Superior load retention provides better load stability.
  • Can stabilize misshapen and protruding loads.
  • Performs well in extreme cold.
  • Facilitates compliance with Packaging Waste regulations, resulting in minimized usage and less waste.